We are a team of writers and illustrators who love blending technology with the art of story-telling. 

BookLeaf Publishing was borne out of the need of 1st time authors who were looking for a credible and trustworthy partner who could help them navigate the world of publishing.

If you are here reading this, you are here for a reason. Be it that you no longer want to wait for a traditional publisher to respond to your mails or you probably just want to have more control of how your final published book looks and feels like.

As a team of professionals, we're meant to provide a feel of independence to each and every aspiring Author.

BookLeaf Publishing was formed by Libresco Feeds Pvt. Ltd; an end-to-end provider of services to the publishing industry. We offer a multitude of services to help authors and publishers experience success in the global market.

Being a sister company to one of the most known publishing companies Alvira Publishing (Global), BookLeaf has 5+ years of experience delivering innovative solutions to the authors, publishing & media companies around the world. We have been involved with the self-publishing industry globally since 2016 and have helped hundreds of authors launch their careers.

Why BookLeaf Publishing?

  • We don't have any competition. As no publishing platform provides the most desired and loved services, and that too in such affordable packages.

  • The packages and plans are of extremely low cost and entirely based on the affordability of the Author.

  • All the editing, proofreading, designing, reviewing and marketing services are provided under one roof.

  • By our tie-ups with a number of distribution channels, we help you reach over 150+ countries worldwide.

  • You will be the only owner of your work. All the rights are reserved for the Author of the book.

  • It is amazing when your masterpiece makes you earn. You get upto 70% royalty on each book sold.

  • We possess our own online bookstore which is available to readers worldwide.

  • Our interests match with yours. Most of our revenue comes from the sale of books, which means, we earn when your books are sold.

  • We are transparent in our dealings. We try to put out as much information as possible openly on our website.



Musavir Khurshid


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Musavir is an Author, a bibliophile, a painter, an occasional photographer, and a full-time entrepreneur. With a hunger to always strive for the better, he has helped the team individually explore their innovative sides and implement it in their work.

Shivangi Verma


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Shivangi is the co-founder of Libresco Companies. She is devotedly involved in day to day running in the company. Apart from playing the key role, she is also an author and an avid reader, having many poetry collections to her credit.

Shagun Shah


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Shagun utilizes her punctuation obsession to good effect. Being a bibliophile herself, she enjoys scouring scripts that book lovers will enjoy. When not in front of a laptop, you can find her eating pizzas.

Prachi Arora

(Design Head)

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With magical hand in design & management, Prachi has managed to build a strong brand image of BookLeaf. She has successfully controlled the design team, taking all challenges head-on, and inspires others to do the same.

Editing And Design

With a record of best in class editing and illustrating services, we consist of 50+ editors and designers working either part-time or full-time with us - making sure to edit and proofread a book as if it is the last project they are ever going to work on, and typeset and design a manuscript as every bestseller should be.

Customer Support

We have always been known for our excellent communication and frequent responses, thanks to our customer support team of 18 members, who make sure to never miss a call or leave any email unanswered. Irrespective of which state or country you are from, our customer support team will be there to assist you 5 days a week from 10 AM to 6 PM IST.

It was really a nightmare for me to publish my book, until I took a chance and sent my manuscript to BookLeaf Publishing. And bang! That turned out to be a best decision that I could take. I completely enjoyed this journey from a random scribbler to a successful published Author with BookLeaf Publishing.

-Zohra Hilal. Author of Verbal Echoes.

I was incredibly satisfied with the services BookLeaf Publishing provided, especially prompt replies to any queries or qualms that I had. I would definitely recommend your services to other up and coming writers/authors. As a suggestion, I would recommend that book marketing be included to a greater degree in your services so that relatively new writers can gain better exposure.

-Anil Kumar Vinayak, Author of Shadows an Silhouettes

The process of publishing 'The Blues' was very simple, efficient and just over all fun. Bookleaf is slightly different than any other publishing companies and I'd recommend it mostly to people that want to be slightly more in control over the process of publishing their work. I personally enjoyed it and would do it again when the time comes.

-Tatyana Ivanshov. Author of The Blues.

I am very glad with my decision of going ahead with bookleaf publishing house. Not only were they quick with replies but also very patient when it came to answering queries and put me at complete ease with the entire process of getting my book published. Also their packages are conveniently priced. My overall experience with them has been absolutely amazing. 

-Sadiya Sultana, Author of Cocoa Truths

My manuscript was accepted by two other publishers as well but I thought of going with BookLeaf because they were so much interested in my book than other publishers. And when they made the cover I had in my mind for my book reality, they really can make your book dream a reality just they did to mine.

-Akash Sharma. Author of The Truth and The Choice Of Smager.

Yesterday, on 12th October 2019, we organized a book launch event at Guwahati press club in front of three prominent writers of Assam and media, both printed and digital. Everyone praised the print, quality and texture of the pages. Thank you very much for providing us the platform that helped us to take a step towards our dream. 

-Intajur Rehman, Author of Once A Wish Came True

I am really thankful to the whole team of BookLeaf Publishing. The process was very smooth and the results are amazing. As a budding writer, I had a lot of doubts and confusions about publishing as I either witnessed rejections from publishers, or found their packages costly. But BookLeaf Publishing became an exception.

-Madhav Ghai. Author of Harmless Lies.

I am publishing my collection of short story with BookLeaf Publishing, and I must say they have provided me with great support and have been really true to their work. I am happy working with BookLeaf.

-Naiela Omer, Author of Seasons

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