How does this work? 


Every day, all writers who register for the challenge will be given a form to fill out and send in a poem they have written for that day. There are no limitations on the poem's theme. On different days, you can write in different themes.


We will give you extra time if you are unable to write on a specific day or if you are unable to complete the challenge on time.


Here's what you'll get after you've completed the challenge:


Publishing Certificate


We will send a Certificate to each participating writer, which will be signed by one of our published authors.


Book Publishing


We'll publish what you write during this month as your own book as part of the Writing Challenge.

The following are the details of the book publishing kit that will be presented to the challenge participants:


  • ISBN number & barcode allocation

  • We will create the Book’s interior layouts & design

  • We will design the cover page designs. We will send 3 designs to select from.

  • Book will be published as paperback and eBook.

  • The book will be sold & distributed via Amazon, Kindle, Apple iBooks, Kobo Books and Barnes&Noble.

  • The author will receive one complimentary copy as well.

  • On a monthly basis, a royalty equal to 100% of the profit on sale would be paid.

  • The author retains complete ownership of the book's copyrights and content.

  • Once the challenge is completed, a publishing deal will be shared.


Book Marketing


When your book is out, we'll send you promotional material to help you promote it. We'll also share our book marketing guide to help you sell more copies.

Spotify Code On Your Book

What if you and your readers could listen to a song of your choice while reading your book? We have got you covered. We will add a Spotify code of your favourite song to the spine or the back cover of your book, so that you and your readers can just scan the cover and the song will start playing.

Please note! 


Please note the following important points:

  • This competition is only open to individuals. Multiple authors or co-authors are not permitted.

  • If you are unable to complete the challenge, you will be given extra time to do so later.

  • The charges for participation are Rs. 1,999.

  • The last date to register is 19 May, 2021.

  • The challenge will start from 20 May and will continue till 8 June 2021.

  • If you have any queries, please write to us on

  • After you register below, you'll be asked for your email address again for sending you confirmation mail.

Kindly note that the Rs. 1,999 is a one-time fee for both participation and publishing and there will be NO other cost involved.

Everyone who participates will be provided with publishing service.



We believe that books are meant to be shared, and for sometime we chose to do it in our funky style.

We will drop a copy of your book in India's largest metro network - Delhi Metro, for a stranger to pick up, read, and return, so that another stranger picks it up, and so on... Not only will this increase your readers, but it will also make a complete stranger from a different corner of the country connect with your words and realise that there is someone who feels exactly like they do. Isn't it amazing? Someone living hundreds of miles away will find comfort and warmth because of you and your words.

Sharing some of the most recent images of the books we dropped on Delhi Metro for strangers to read: