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We all know what India has been going through since last year and especially since last month as the new strain of Covid-19 has turned the national capital - Delhi - into a burning city. While those in authority have failed us, we only have each other now to find support and help in one another to deal with the situation. We have no other option but to provide a hand for someone to hold, a shoulder for someone to weep on. While doctors, workers, and scientists are on the front line to help humanity survive, we believe that artists can also be the important part of this movement. While medicines and equipments can heal people, we believe that poetry and stories can also come to rescue. Our anthology Healing is an attempt to make our belief come true.


Here is how this will work:


All the profits that are generated from this anthology will be donated to the NGOs working tirelessly to provide Oxygen supplies, medicines, masks and food to those in need. Khalsa Aid, Hemkunt Foundation and Goonj are the NGOs on our list of donees.

Here's what all you will be getting:

Participation Certificate

To each participating writer, we will send a Certificate which will also be signed by one of our celebrated authors!

Publishing In Book

We will publish your poetry/prose in this book titled "Healing".

Following are the specifics of the book publication package in which this book will be published:

  • ISBN number & barcode allocation

  • Book will be published as a paperback and eBook.

  • The book will be sold & distributed via Amazon, Kindle, Apple iBooks, Kobo Books and Barnes&Noble.

  • 1 digital copy will be provided to the author, and paperback copies will be available at just the printing cost.

  • All the copyrights of the content will remain with the respective authors of the stories.

Special Feature In The Book

A special feature will be provided to you in which a full page will have your image, bio, and your social media handles.

Spotify Code At The End Of Your Poem

What if you and your readers could listen to a song of your choice while reading your work? We have got you covered. We will add a Spotify code of your favourite song at the end of your write-up, so that you and your readers can just scan the page and the song will start playing. We will also create a Spotify playlist of all the songs that will be added in this anthology, and the code for that playlist will be placed on the spine and the back cover of the book.

Registration Fee:

Since this initiative is solely for a humanitarian cause, the registration fee for this anthology is "pay-as-you-like". Which means, you can pay as less as Rs. 100 or as much as Rs. 5000, and you will still be getting all the things mentioned above. There is no minimum or maximum limit on how much you pay.

Each and every penny which we receive from the registration fees will be donated to the said cause,

How will you get to know where we have sent your money?

We will share each and every detail like transaction IDs, receipts and receipt numbers, acknowledgement mails from NGOs, reference numbers, etc. with all the participants so that they know where their money has been used.

Please note!

Please note the following important points:

  • The last date to register is 5 May, 2021.

  • If you have any queries, please write to us on with subject line "Healing".

Once you register, you will receive an email within two hours for further details!



We believe that the words are meant to be shared, and for sometime we chose to do it in our funky style.

We will drop a few copies of Healing in India's largest metro network - Delhi Metro, for a stranger to pick up, read, and return, so that another stranger picks it up, and so on... Not only will this increase your readers (your social media handles will be in the book), but it will also make a complete stranger from a different corner of the country connect with your words. Isn't it amazing? Someone living hundreds of miles away will find comfort and warmth because of you and your words.

Sharing some of the most recent images of the books we dropped on Delhi Metro for strangers to read:

Screenshot 2021-04-30 at 1.10.49 AM.png
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