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Join a groundbreaking poetry anthology and see your work in print and digital, touching hearts worldwide.
​​No fees, just your voice, loud and clear.

Ink & Emotion is more than a collection of poems

This is our invitation for you to be part of something monumental—it’s a celebration of voices waiting to be heard, of stories yearning to be told. Here, your words aren't just accepted; they're celebrated.

Why Join Us?

  • Global Stage: Get your poetry in front of readers and fellow poets all over. This is your chance to leave a lasting impression.

  • Absolutely Free Submission: We believe in the power of your words, not in barriers. Submit your poetry without any cost.

  • Your Work in Print: Hold in your hands a beautifully crafted book where your poem takes its rightful place among the best.

  • A Certificate for You: Every participant receives a certificate, acknowledging your contribution and talent in this prestigious anthology.

  • Enhance Your Portfolio: Having your poem in our anthology is a great addition to your writing journey. It opens doors to new opportunities.

  • Community and Connection: Join a vibrant community of poets, where your work is not just shared but celebrated, creating lasting connections in the literary world.

How does this work? 


The writers who register for the challenge will be given a form to fill out and send in a poem which they want to publish in this anthology. There is no limitation on the theme. In the form, you’ll see a list of themes like love, loss, hope, etc. Just check the box that fits your poem. If you don’t see a match, click ‘Other.’ We love all kinds of poems!


Here's what you'll get after you've completed the submission:


Publishing Certificate


We will send a Certificate to each participating writer, which will be signed by one of our published authors.


Book Publishing


The anthology will be published after 20th of April in paperback and eBook format.

Following are the specifics of the book publication package in which this book will be published:


  • ISBN number & barcode allocation

  • Book will be published as a paperback and eBook.

  • The book will be sold & distributed via Amazon, Flipkart and BookLeaf Publishing Bookstore.

  • 1 digital copy will be provided to the writers, and paperback copies will be available at just the printing cost.

  • All the copyrights of the content will remain with the respective authors of the poems.

Please note!

Please note the following important points:

  • The last date to register and submit your poetry is 15 April, 2023.

  • If you have any queries, please raise a ticket here with subject line "Ink & Emotion".

Only 9 slots left!

Frequently Asked Questions


1) Can I submit more than one entry?

No, unfortunately. We are accepting only one submission from every writer for this anthology.

2) When will the book be published?

We will start compiling the book from 15 April, and if all goes well, we will be able to publish it within 2 weeks.

3) I have submitted my poem, what next?

Thank you for submitting. We will notify you via email/WhatsApp when the book is out.

4) What languages are accepted?

We are accepting only English for this anthology.

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