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Author Interview | She Waited on the Shore by Nayna Chakravorty

How did you come up with the title of your book?

The setting with respect to the place (the shore/seaside) plays a prime role and stands as a witness to Abhi and Raina's love story. Also, the theme 'wait' rules the story predominantly. Raina's wait for Abhi's return each time he was away from her, her wait for the answers that she was looking for and her wait for her love to get its due identity, all these factors inspired in deciding the title, 'She Waited on the Shore'.

What inspired you to write this book?

It's rather a dream that came to life through the words of this novel. The story had always remained in my subconscious, until one day it outpoured in spontaneity and there was no stopping until I completed it.

Among all themes and topics, why did you choose this one in particular?

Love is that emotion that everyone connects with. Personally, I enjoy exploring the various facets of romance while writing.

What problems did you face while writing this book?

Apparently even though it seems to be a safe game in writing on love and relationship, yet this genre needs to be handled with extreme care. While writing, I had to be careful balancing and justifying the actions of the protagonists, Abhi and Raina.

What can we, as readers expect from this book?

A deep romance laced with emotions that are real. The readers will probably be able to identify themselves at different turns of the novel as the story progresses.

How do you expect your readers to use this book optimally?

I would say, read the book and try to absorb the essence of love with heart and soul. The plot has a smooth flow and the language is easy to follow. The intense love equation between Abhi and Raina will not only fill your heart but will compel you to turn each page with huge expectations. It's an unputdownable novel that you can read when you're travelling, enjoying your free time or you may consider gifting to your loved one too.

The book She Waited on the Shore is available on Amazon here.

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