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Echoes Of My Heart

I have seen lies-

In the little eyes,

In the feigned smiles,

In the cloak of modesty,

Behind the curtains of honesty.

The most significant truth of life can be felt in its simplest form, and this has been so eloquently done by Sunidhi Vaid in Echoes Of My Heart,  for whom pen and paper have become her non-judgmental mates.

As breeze touches the strings of harp, likewise one can be seen observing himself getting brushed by the same emotions of love, care, confusion and midnight meditations. These poems bring light to some old, buried feelings just like a ray of light from window makes the dust and warmth visible in a room.

In this life of full of ups and downs each up and down has its own beauty, provided an identifier encounters with it. And the greatest identifier existing is a poet with a pen in her hand and unheard echoes in her heart. 

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